Triple-X Rated
(for Newsweek Magazine)
The heart of the city’s
been busted open
with all its NUDE ventricles
exposed to the world
The unkempt,
silk-lined bed of violence
lay slick before you
live, in full color!
COME, buy me baby!
so you can taste the dust
of Chambers Street
and suck the blood
of three thousand screams
Come to where
all reality TV shows were
promptly put out of business
Come, jump into my spread
and relive the horror of yesterday,
thumb through my pages
in between pinches to your skin,
allow me to penetrate your dream state
just in case you’re short of a nightmare or two
Let me confront your children
at candy stands with spread-eagled
of desperate jumpers
just in case they forgot what they saw
from their classroom window that day
Come, take me home with you,
and hide me under your bed, or in a closet
so, just in case your depression wears off,
or if you just got the urge
to see it all!,
you can just lock your door
close the shades
and take me out again!


copyright 2001, Frank Messina

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