Enroute to Ecstasy

German/Czech Republic Border, October, 1995


So many cows
on the countryside of Czech`
while German gals pluck
their morning brow
and are fondled
by sex-sorrow-nightmare
I want to get to Prague
so I can collect
my know-how gems
and pluck her stems
I want to squeeze wine
from her finger tips
(her bosom full of love)
I am a child, sucking the nipple
of an unknown, non-mother
who tilts her chin, toward my forehead
toward convulsing tongue and saliva
I am the lamb's intruder,
stealing milk from her breast 
nourishing my American 27 years,
(a poet's lung has collapsed with love)
and the cows are in the field,
each one rushing the train, the rush of pain, ecstasy 
as my tooth cuts through her wet, erect nipple
I am thirsty for Love!
thirsty for love and blood, milk and Prague
with her torn kilt, shielding herself
from my hand,
my calloused fingers
palpate the sting
of her salty deluge
the cows are rushing the train,
(milk splashing between their legs)
milk splashing between their legs!
the farmer with his sickle and club,
rushes for the blood of his wallet
their heads are hitting the train
in a suicidal purging­,
I am holding on to this moment ­of ecstasy!
This red-hot moment of,


copyright 2002, Frank Messina

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