These Mets-related poems will be included in
Full Count: The Book of Mets Poetry

by Frank Messina, the Mets PoetTM

-The world's first single-authored book of poetry devoted to a sports team-

(Over a Hundred Poems!)

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nym.gif (1552 bytes)The Blue Glovenym.gif (1552 bytes)

nym.gif (1552 bytes)Striking Father Out, One Summer Daynym.gif (1552 bytes)

nym.gif (1552 bytes)Idiot With Cell Phone Becomes Hero in Wild Walk-off Winnym.gif (1552 bytes)

nym.gif (1552 bytes)Mets Fannym.gif (1552 bytes)

nym.gif (1552 bytes)Playing for The Metsnym.gif (1552 bytes)

nym.gif (1552 bytes)Barkernym.gif (1552 bytes)

nym.gif (1552 bytes)Turk Wendellnym.gif (1552 bytes)

nym.gif (1552 bytes)Mrs. Brickmannym.gif (1552 bytes)

nym.gif (1552 bytes)Principal's Officenym.gif (1552 bytes)

nym.gif (1552 bytes)Baseball Haikunym.gif (1552 bytes)

nym.gif (1552 bytes)Ushernym.gif (1552 bytes)


Statement about 9/11 poems by the author

American't Get Home


Disorderly Conduct

Forgive Me

Look Me in the Eyes

Triple-X Rated

You Will Not Break Me

Homespun Prayer

New York Protest, 2/15/03

In the Wake of The Barge

Bah Humbug! (People, People, People)

On Transition


Euthanasia in Circular Form

Riviera Lounge Woman

Soft, White Dunes

Fortune Cookie

Lead Me Not into Temptation

Psycho Chick


Run for Cover

The Open Window

Biting the Tongue

The Muse of Heartfelt Song

Enroute to Ecstasy

Kama Sutra Daydream


Woman with a Handkerchief

Palisade Girl

Chinatown Virgins

I Want to Hear Poetry

A Brief Holiday with the Jazz Heroine

The Corresponding Breeze


Unfinished Business

Suggestion Box Punk Rock

Father and Son in July

Half-Blood Prince (Father and Son in July, part II)

Nine Lines Under the Sun

Fences and Teeth

Generation X Rant


Rhythm Vacuum

For Bob Dylan

Glory Be to the Drowned

Song For the Poet


Directions to the Soul of America (song for Jack Kerouac)

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9/11 related poems by the author