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You Will Not Break Me (9/12/01)
You will not break my spirit burning bright,
turn my day to terror'd night
you will not break my cities tall and proud,
run my family underground

you will not break me!
you will not rob my leaders of their will,
clergy of their faith,
you will not peel stripes from my face
poke holes through my stars

you will not get away with this!
you will not turn my red, white and blue
into painful black and blue,
you will not break my children's acrid innocence,
my freedom to endure,
you will not take my mother and hold her hostage,
break my back first man, 'cause I'll seek justice

I'm an American!

My colors do not run,
I'm black, white, brown, yellow and tan
I'm an American!
You broke into family's home
killed brothers and sisters
one day I will get you
because I'm an American!
you will not break me,
you will not break me,
you will not break the hope in my child's eyes
peace will prevail to your surprise,
love is strength in numbers,
your will is bound by hatred
America slumbers no more,
the giant has awaken and
years of complacent, fat-cat politics
is now down to balls out heretics
I got balls
I got balls
I got balls swinging from the hips of
Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull
ready to bounce you out of your holes!
I got soul,
I got soul
I got soul like no others got soul,
got soul like Tina Turner, James Brown,
Ella Fitzgerald and the New York City Fire Department
I'm an American!
I got heart,
I got heart like no others got heart
I got heart like the Tin Man found
I got heart like Tony Bennett, George Foreman,
Marlon Brando, Jesse Owens,  BB King, John Belushi
Johnny Franco and the Miracle Mets!
I'm an American!
I'm an American!
you will not break me
you will not break me
you will not break me!
From: Disorderly Conduct
copyright 2001, Frank Messina

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