Run for Cover
New York City, Sunday afternoon
and downtown girls run for cover
under bodega canopies
wiping mascara-scarred cheeks
with satin kerchiefs
But they are not in need of taxicabs
each one slowing, stopping
looking for a fare,
interested in beautiful things
huddled close to oranges and plantains
there is delight
in teasing the rain
as hand crafted heels
become tall watery stems
There is joy
as each droplet
dances its own dance
from twisted drain pipe
onto a purse of crushed velvet and silk
There is pleasure
in comparing painted nails
against gray mist
caught in the swirl
of passers-by
There is joy!


copyright 1998, 2002, Frank Messina

Listen to Frank recite Run For Cover with David Amram on Piano

from Disorderly Conduct

From the CD: Biting the Tongue

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