Have we learned
have we forgot
that its  not what you have
or what you got
it’s the time spent
the time lent
to the spirit body
to the mind and body
to give to those in need
and take with, but without greed
2001, a new year’s resolution
to lose the baggage
and gain absolution
from suffering pangs
of solitude and try,
try to find a solution
not just for you or me
but for all of humanity
Today, the earth shook violently 
and as it did, snuffed 20,000
lives out of India
and all the sacred scripts
couldn’t save the silent lips
of children under rubble
but while we watch TV
in our own little bubble
some feeling nothing emotionally;
perhaps it’s just another talking head
informing us of our own Armageddon
or spewing us news of a land far away
while most wonder how the Nasdaq did today
As the death toll rises and funeral pyres
reek the evening sky,
Widows hide their children for fear of aftershocks
And from 9,000 miles away all I can see is
People on line at the A&P
Bracing for another snowstorm
(My god, who’s going to shovel my doorstep?)
And stuck between headlines of Giants and Ravens
Are small mentions of catastrophic dimensions
And the Complacent States of America
Has only itself to argue with, to bargain with
2001 times
2001 mothers to tell
they lost a child and a husband
not by a mortar shell
but by circumstance
some say it was a biblical warning
others a bomb being tested
under the warming of the desert
but one thing can be found
that life in America is filled with the sound
of 2001 reminders that we are too comfortable, too numb
just look around and flick the channel
change the station,
but God forbid
if you change your mind
Oh, I’ve done that too-
thousand and one times
It’s ok, America, to feel
for others in need
and do for others in need
starting with the individual
the self, the Unity of the Commons,
the Community,
so a New Year's resolution
is to do unto others as
you wish them to you
and repeat it 2001 times
so then we can start
talking about progress
and being worthy to the world
and never being a slave to apathy and complacency
until then, start counting your blessings
2001 times


copyright 2001, 2004, Frank Messina

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