Mrs. Brickman
First memory,
Kindergarten, Mrs. Brickman,
show-and-tell, Tommie Agee baseball card
Holding it up, like a medallion
kids smiling, Agee smiling,
my moment in the spotlight
Later caught chewing gum,
Mrs. Brickman grabs collar,
shoves me into corner
Facing wall, alone, trembling
hands in pockets, searching for Tommie Agee,
my friend in the baseball card
Mrs. Brickman grabs collar, twists,
“Is this what you’re looking for?”
holds up the card, a medallion
She rips it in half, again and again,
then throws the pieces at me
First memory, kindergarten
Tears and Tommie Agee
Mrs. Brickman


copyright Frank Messina, 2008

from Full Count: The Book of Mets Poetry

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