Fortune Cookie


The fortune cookie reads,
“Take a vacation, you will have unexpected gains.”

It’s a good fortune,
an excuse for me to fly from
Nowhere to Somewhere,
meet the girl of my dreams,
elope and have lots of children,
lots of little children
running wild under the sun

How many smiling cherubs
still tap at my window at night
crying out, “Daddy, daddy,
go out and meet the girl of your dreams!
I want to walk with you
under the stars
and watch movies at night,
cook me pancakes Daddy
and take me to the museam,
I want to vomit on your shoes!
I want to grow up and make you proud
and dream like you taught me to dream
I want to make the world a better place
I want to watch you and Mommy get old
then lock you both up in a convalescent home
to eat cold mashed potatoes
while I eat steak and drink your fine wine
and tell the world what a lousy Dad you were
I want to drive your car across the country
and meet the girl of my dreams
and go to the finest Chinese Restaurant
to eat fortune cookies
letting the pieces fall to the floor
like the dreams of me you once had”

copyright 2001, Frank Messina
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