Loosen the bolts of my duodenum
oil the brackets of my heart
grease the crease of my liver
massage internal organs, palms open wide
extract morsels of meat
from my hand stretched stomach,
pluck villi, tweeze vessels
and testicular corpuscles
reach into my rectum
with five-fingered forceps
tear prostate and bladder
from its vine-ripe wall space
suck phlegm from ears, nose and throat,
pluck pits under arms,
slice retina with scalpels
unravel intestines so long,
understand what I understand
when my cold body
speaks to you
from the diaphragm,
deep throat esophagaic passages
blood, bones, flesh, balls, brains and guts
melded by sperm and egg
breached into
and taken from
the world unkind


copyright 2002, Frank Messina

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